You have just arrived at the motherload of kayaks and auxillary craft. Lightspeed Watercraft specializes in  all things that assist you in your pursuit of the perfect aquatic adventure……kayaks, economy kayaks, SUP’s, dinghies, RIB’s, folding bikes, electric bikes and folding electric bikes.

Lightspeed has been manufacturing the highest quality composite and thermoformed kayaks for over 20 years. Our stable of designs is filled with innovation and industry leading innovation. If copying is the most sincere form of flattery then we are flattered indeed as numerous design features that we created have become industry standards. If you’re looking for the best in performance kayaks ( and performance can mean MANY things!) check out our line of touring and sailing kayaks….

…….BUT Lightspeed Watercraft is now so much more!!

 Water IS our passion.

Our love of all things to do with the water has driven our passion to offer an expansion to  our kayak fleet into all manner of auxillary transport for the perfect compliment to your aquatic adventures.

From big boat to relatively small we have auxillary transportation from SUP’s to RIB’s, from folding bikes to full-on electrics and folding electric bikes…and they’ll fit on board ready to spirit you away from your deck to your favorite little picnic nook in the bay or from the dock to  your favorite restaurant, winery or gallery…..DON’T BE STUCK AT THE DOCK!!!..... 

……..and when you’re not boating the folding bikes and e-bikes make amazing commuter assist vehicles that can be easily folded and carried onto your bus route…. or LRT…or in your trunk ….they ARE that easy!

So, have a browse then give us a call…we’ll ship your order or hook you up with a dealer…and your new found freedom can begin!