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Sea Touring


Model: Phantom
Rudder: SportTrek Rudder Standard
Type: Sea Touring
Composition: Fiberglass with kevlar layup
Length: 22' 5"
Width (beam): 27 in
Weight: 97 lbs

The most responsive, light handling touring double in the world.




Model: Synergy
Rudder: SportTrek Rudder Standard
Type: Sea Touring
Composition: Thermalformed ABS Plastic
Length: 17' 3"
Width (beam): 27 in
Weight: 67 lbs

Ideal for day touring companies who want a light tourer or families looking for a less expensive and lighter option to the full touring double.




Model: Quantum
Rudder: SportTrek Rudder Standard
Type: Sea Touring
Composition: Fiberglass with kevlar layup
Length: 19' 10"
Width (beam): 21 in
Weight: 58 lbs

Quantum speed, Quantum handling, Quantum capacity .........for expeditions, adventure racing or fast training miles.




Model: Phoenix
Rudder: SportTrek Rudder Standard
Type: Sea Touring
Composition: Thermalformed ABS Plastic
Length: 17' 3"
Width (beam): 25 in
Weight: 57 lbs

The phoenix is our most popular and most stable tourer. Loads of gear carrying capacity with a quick handling, responsive hull form.




Model: Chaos
Rudder: Optional
Type: Sea Touring
Composition: Thermalformed ABS Plastic
Length: 17' 0"
Width (beam): 24 in
Weight: 48 lbs

Our fast, stable, hardchine tourer with the unique technical advantage of a dual channel hull bottom that provides superior tracking and stability.



Light Touring


Model: Photon
Rudder: SportTrek Rudder Standard
Type: Light Touring
Composition: Thermalformed ABS Plastic
Length: 14' 5"
Width (beam): 23 in
Weight: 45 lbs

The Photon is the perfect light touring kayak. Light and easy to load with a sparkling performance on the water.




Model: Fusion
Rudder: Optional
Type: Light Touring
Composition: Thermalformed ABS Plastic
Length: 12' 0"
Width (beam): 27 in
Weight: 38 lbs

The Fusion is our biggest seller. Stability, handling and great speed in a small, light package.

Technical Specifications

We're producing world-class kayaks that are bursting with innovation. Read on for the details.

So what's the number-one reason our kayaks are so unique? Lightspeed Kayaks are exclusively fit with the most advanced rudder system in the ocean kayaking industry. And remember, special orders are always "can do": we'll provide firm quotes on request.

Main Features Include:

  • aerofoil drop-down rudder eliminates wind resistance, provides sure, secure tracking in all weather and sea conditions
  • thermal-formed construction provides unmatched economy without sacrificing performance
  • soft-chined hull shape with contoured skeg increases stability and control
  • self-rescue straps are standard equipment
  • new ratchet hatch cover locking system
  • an amazingly comfortable and supportive seat
  • generous, easy-entry cockpit (17"x 35") with liner
  • ergonomic soft rubber-coated carry handles
  • replaceable nylon hull rub strips - bow and stern
  • built-in extra sturdy chain/padlock tow bolt on deck
  • moulded-in day locker immediately ahead of the cockpit
  • huge volume cargo hatches
  • hatches feature latch hardware similar to snow-board's latches
  • dozens of colour and trim choices for all composite models

Kayak Specifications

Kayak Specifications table



The Lightspeed SportTrek Rudder System

Lightspeed Kayaks are the most technically advanced kayaks in the world. Available in quality thermalformed and composite builds with the most efficient, high performance kayak rudder available.

A part rudder setting gives light course maintenance help in breeze and chop.
A full rudder under the stern keeps you on course, even in troughs and following seas.

It is hard to compress all that should be said about the Lightspeed SportTrek rudder.

There was a time when sailboats did not have rudders and were turned by sail trim alone; but no self-respecting sailboat would be without one today.

The science of high performance hydrodynamics shows the importance of rudder design and position to the handling properties imparted to a boat. Unfortunately not a single kayak rudder system (other than ours) uses design technology that takes advantage of state of the art hydrodynamics.

Virtually all conventional rudders on present-day kayaks function by inducing drag and slowing one side of the boat.

Lightspeed Kayak rudders generate lift, not drag. The lack of drag when compared to other rudder systems is noticeable. Test paddlers have repeatedly been astounded by not being able to tell if the rudder is up or down. The real difference, however, comes on initiating a turn. At speed the rudder alone will carve a turn, handles the boat with sports-car flair and will track through wind and wave action with amazing efficiency. Beginners have immediate and unsurpassed control, and experts can use the rudder like a third paddle blade. It must be tried to be appreciated - the proof, as Granny used to say, is in the paddling.

Also, there is no deck clutter and when it's up ... it's simply gone, with no wind or wave effect! The rudder is activated by releasing a single line and retrieved by hauling on the same line.

Welcome to the new millennium!


Main features of the Lightspeed SportTrek Rudder System

  • The aerofoil wing-shape generates lift, not drag; there's no loss of momentum on turns.
  • Part rudder setting gives light course maintenance help in breeze and chop.
  • Full rudder under the stern keeps you on course even in troughs and following seas.
  • To drop your rudder from the stern, simply release its line from the cleat at your right hand - it stays fully submerged even in the lifting action of a following sea, giving you sure, constant control.
  • Ran over a shallow rock? No problem: the rudder's hinged and bungeed to brush and lift over obstructions, then drop right back into position.
  • You can lock the rudder at an angle and use it as a skeg extension, giving mild correction for light wind and current conditions.
  • We call it the "invisible rudder": there's no aft-deck clutter, no long, exposed deck cables to snag and wear.
  • Less is truly more: less wind resistance and clutter - less wear and tear on exposed parts - more handling precision - more value.


Thermal-Formed Construction Deck and Hull

Our thermal-formed products are visually indistinguishable from composite, weigh the same, are more impact resistant, are easier to fix with a broader range of materials, and cost one-third less than composite. This is NOT rotomoulded plastic.

Thermal-forming plastic has a high acrylic shine and the same paddling performance as glass, is 100% UV treated, and is up to 100% recyclable. We have the finest computer-controlled machinery in the business, giving the ultimate in tailored heat-control, guaranteeing consistent and reproducible wall thickness and quality.

This is NOT rotomoulded plastic.


Fibreglass Deck and Hull Construction

All Lightspeed Kayak hulls have a full-length aramid layer (the fibre used in bullet-proof vests) for superior durability. All handles and seats anchors have aramid fibre back pads for superior tear resistance. All our boats are vacuum bagged for the highest quality layups, uniform low weights and ideal resin-to-fibre content.

The interior liner provides superior hull shape retention over single skin laminates produced by all other manufacturers and includes moulded in bulkheads. There are no seams to fail.

Lightspeed hulls are built tough, with no seams to fail.


Self-Rescue Straps

Self-rescue is a snap. Slide a paddle blade under the far strap, snap open the clip on the near strap and snap it shut over your paddle shaft, and get back into the cockpit - fast! Also available as a bungy cross-thatch paddle securing system by request.


Adjustable Seat

Lightspeed is proud to unveil its new seat, now standard on all models.

Attendees we spoke with at the recent West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium rated the new seat as the "most comfortable on the beach".

The adjustable hip braces and seat back allow for a custom, glove-like fit that provides superior boat control and maneuverability. Our seats are noted by customers for their lumbar support.

Currently available with air bladder support or contoured foam depending on the model.

The Lightspeed Kayak Seat: "the most comfortable on the beach".


Cockpit Liners

Want to sit up against raw resin and glass fibers? We don't either.

All of our touring boats feature a fully-moulded interior liner with a gelcoat finish (the same as the outside finish on any fiberglass boat). It's smooth, easy to clean, and you can paddle barefoot and still have skin on your heels when you land. The liner includes a moulded-in seat, keelson and positive foam floatation under the seat.

Our fully-moulded interiors keep you comfortable.


Carry Handles

Carry handles take a lot of wear. Improperly-placed, they can also stress human tendon and tissue. We set our tough yet soft-handed handles at an ergonomic angle, preventing wear and tear on you. We also build in a sturdy u-bolt as a towing anchor point and cable lock anchor.

Like our rub strips, Lightpseed handle mounts can be replaced externally with just a screwdriver. The handles themselves are 400 lb. test webbing with a soft rubber overhandle. Placed at an ergonomic angle, our handles make for the most comfortable carry on the market.

Ergonomic, tough, and easily-replaceable handles are standard equipment.


Rub Strips

Now and again even the most lovingly-treated hull will meet unfriendly barnacles and craggy shores. High-density plastic rub strips (think cutting board material) fit into moulded hull sections on the bow and stern of our touring boats. These strips do an amazing job of minimizing damage from beaching or dragging a boat. They are through-bolted and the nuts are glassed into place internally, leaving no holes to seal or leak. Changing of these strips can be done externally using a screwdriver. It's these strips - not your hull - that take the worst of wear and tear ... and they are even easily replaced!


Towing Anchor

We build a sturdy u-bolt as a towing anchor point and cable lock anchor onto the deck of every Lightspeed Kayak.

Built in to every Lightspeed Kayak.

Moulded-In Day Locker

We locate a moulded locker directly in front of the cockpit, attached to the underside of the deck. These lockers are simply ideal for securing and storing cameras, lunch, keys, wallets and flares without removing your spray deck. The waterproof deck plate opening does not infringe on legroom.

For each cockpit in our tandem models, we provide a sealed day-locker just ahead of your spray deck for your keys, sandwiches, binoculars, camera and emergency flares.

Sealed by a 5" waterproof deck plate and glassed under the deck, it can't float away and get lost if you flip, and won't interfere with your knees during your paddle.

Moulded in day locker, a generous cockpit opening, rudder line at your right hand, and standard comfort air seats bring extra convenience and comfort.


Huge-Volume Cargo Hatches

Closed Ratchet Hatches.
Closed Ratchet Hatches.

We have designed large, dry hatches, that are easy to open, easy to close, and get this: topside gear can stay strapped on during their removal! The hatch covers are oversize for water shedding, and feature our exclusive camlock for secure compression closure. The latch hardware is very similar similar to snow-board's latches.

You don't have to be a contortionist or skin your knuckles to load a Lightspeed. You don't have to survive on a few packages of dehydrated food and leave all the toys behind. Lightspeed Kayaks have ample holds with generous openings and oversized, water-shedding covers. Bring along all the food, fluids, and toys you want.

Closed Ratchet Hatches.

Option - High Volume Cockpit for Composites

Need a little extra cockpit room and cargo space? We'll custom-build in an extra 1-1/2 inches of height into your composite-model kayak.

Option - Custom Colour Effects for Composites

Custom colour choices are a Lightspeed Kayak specialty. Choose your base and trim colours, and if you'd like fades on deck and hatch covers, ask us (or email us) for an estimate.

Ask us about our custom colour options!


Lightspeed Kayaks Hotline:
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