Chaos Sea Touring Kayak

Chaos from Lightspeed Kayaks

Simple. Elegant. Pure.

The Chaos is a departure from our technically advanced touring line-up known for their extensive list of unique features. The intent of the Chaos is to provide an advanced hull form combined with state-of-the-art materials selection – all wrapped in elegant lines and traditional simplicity.

The Chaos was specifically designed for thermal formed production and has exceeded our weight and performance expectations. Clean lines, recessed stainless steel solid bar deck cleats, and the most beautiful, dry press-on hatch covers in the industry define the look the is, at once, both classic and contemporary.

Thermal forming provides quick build technology – and an unbelievably low price point to match. Our thermal formed boats have proven themselves to be tougher than glass, higher quality of finish and the same weight or lighter than glass, and all for loads less money. What else do you get for less money? A zero emission produced boat, all off cuts fully recycled and a fully recyclable boat – no waste, now or in the future (you know, when your grandchildren are finished with it).

The Chaos has the appearance of a slender, hard chined British-style kayak, but sports a 23-inch beam with a modern dual-channel hull form with substantially flared sides. The result is abundant initial stability combined with a predictable secondary sweet spot – when only running on the rails will do. In deference to comfort and easy entrance and exit, the Chaos sports a larger cockpit more often found in West-Coast style kayaks (we ARE from Vancouver Island!).

Straight tracking, comfortable, stable, fast, beautiful and agile: the Chaos redefines the classic kayak.
While the Chaos is meant to be an expression of simplicity, it has available skeg and rudder options for those with a taste for additional technical features. Just another fractal variation, and every bit as beautiful as a visualized Julia Set! Chaos rocks!



Chaos Specifications

  • Type: Sea Touring
  • Length: 17' 0"
  • Beam: 23.5"
  • Depth: 13.5"
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Cockpit: 18" x 22"
  • Hatches: 17" oval (x2)

Key Features

Attention to Detail
Real rubber handles (soft and comfortable), a forward day locker for valuables and accessibility, beefy u-bolt lock anchor, and moulded bulkheads show our commitment to detail and function in our designs.

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