Quantum Sea Touring Kayak

Quantum from Lightspeed Kayaks

The Quantum is a leap forward in high speed kayak technology. A narrow rockered hull provides unsurpassed speed, handling, and control. A "sweet" spot under the paddler gives unexpected initial stability for a craft of this beam.

Added to this is the high performance SportTrek™ Rudder providing unequalled efficiency in directional performance. Less work correcting and more power to move where you want to go. Loaded with features that no other kayaks have, the Quantum is a craft for the discerning paddler.



Quantum Specifications

  • Type: Sea Touring
  • Length: 19'10"
  • Beam: 21"
  • Weight: 58 lbs
  • Hatches: 16" x 9", 18" x 8", 6" round
  • Layup: propriety Kevlar™ and fiberglass standard

Key Features

SportTrek™ Rudder
The only balanced foil rudder in the kayaking world provides unsurpassed efficiency, handling, and control. The SportTrek™ retracts internally, can function as a skeg, kicks up on impact, and has single line deployment. Nothing will speed your journey like a SportTrek™ Rudder.

Keelguard™ Strips
All Lightspeed Kayaks have Keelguard™ strips fore and aft to protect your investment while loading, beaching, landing, or dragging your kayak. Made of Delrin™ (think cutting board Material), Keelguard™ Strips are a long lasting money saving and boat preserving feature.

Attention to Detail
Real rubber handles (soft and comfortable), a forward day locker for valuables and accessibility, beefy u-bolt lock anchor, and moulded bulkheads show our commitment to detail and function in our designs.

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