can we help!?!

Lightspeed Watercraft Inc makes more than just kayaks...BUT we have been a manufacturer of thermoformed and composite for nearly 2 decades.

This longevity brings with it an ever growing expertise in our manufacturing field.. Our expertise in manufacturing and our love of design has provided us many more opportunities to expand our our product range as well as have an active drawing board of many coming projects.

It has also brought others to our doors to assist them in their creations... and we would be happy to help you with your manufacturing, custom parts or prototyping needs!!

Included in our abilities are:

  1. custom fibreglass work
  2. mould and plug building
  3. custom thermoforming from small scale on our dual station thermoformer to epic sized pieces on our large machine (25’ X 7’)
  4. large scale 3D CAD/CAM machining on our 25’X 7’ X 1’ 3D CNC Router

In the past few years we have worked on projects of considerable diversity.

Examples include:

  1. Clear acrylic 3’ X 4’ native masks to hang as a major artwork in the lobby of a native cultural centre in the Yukon. The masks reperesent spirits rising from a camp fire. 

    The work is called: Ice and Flowers, by Doug Smarch Jr. from Teslin, Yukon Territory 

    The work was commission by the Yukon Government for their Visitor Information Centre which is located in the brand new Champagne and Aishihik First Nations DA KU Cultural Centre. The new cultural centre is located in Haines Junction, Yukon and is owned by the Champagne and Aishihik FN.
  2. Making a new mould and duplicating clear acrylic crankcase covers for a restoration of 6 vintage Mercury racing snowmobiles from the 70’s
  3. CNC Templates for road sign painting
  4. CNC and thermoform plastic blanks for designer concrete forms
  5. Thermoforming large scale art pieces representing a rocketship for a brewery sign (18’ X 6’)
  6. Thermoforming clear acrylic lens covers for cast aluminum light standards
  7. Thermoforming and mould work for replica aircraft parts to be used in training fusilage replicas of currently in use commercial aircraft models
  8. Designing, producing moulds, bodywork and assembly of a prototype electric fibreglass trike

Please call to discuss your prototyping, custom or productions needs!