Electric Bike Specifications

12” or 16" Zed12/Zed16 ELECTRIC folding city bike

This e-bike delivers HUGE in a small package. It rides very well, carries max allowable speed for a bike and will tackle most of the work even on a climb. It folds down to an amazingly small package in seconds and unfolds even faster.

This really is the ultimate auxiliary bike...and you’re NEVER stuck, if you do happen to exceed the range (now THAT would an adventuresome ride!) the bike pedals home without missing a beat.

An AMAZING commuter take it on the Skytrain, take it in your RV, take it on your boat, throw it in your trunk; it will fit just about anywhere.

Folded up it ROLLS LIKE A SUITCASE. It just doesn't get any easier!








26” Phaser ELECTRIC pedal assist full suspension city cross

26” Phaser ELECTRIC pedal assist full suspension city cross
Model Name: Phaser
Wheel Size: 26”
Weight: 22.3 kg or 50.6 lbs
Frame type: folding full suspension (battery access only), full suspension
Weight Capacity: 150kgs
Gears: 7 speed
Brakes: disc
Time to Charge: 3.5-4.5 hrs
Max Speed: 32 kph
Motor Engagement: Pedal Assist (pedal activated)

This bike is an exceptional pedal assist e-bike. It zips you along with great ease. The motor is actuated by ANY pedaling even very light pedaling and will kick in at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% or 100%...whatever you preset on the onboard handlebar mount computer…and stops running when you stop pedaling.

While technically this bike folds it is more for battery access than storage and should be considered a rigid frame bike for all intents and purposes.

Full size 26” tires and a frame style that will accommodate just about everyone.

It has the geometry of a mountain bike for a smooth, relaxed, comfortable ride and has shocks suited to street or logging road riding but is not well suited to single track riding.

VERY fun, fast ride!!