Inflatables (Softshells and RIBs)

Lightspeed has a wide variety of sizes, types and options for our inflatables.

We have softshells in stock at 230cm, 250cm, 270cm and 300cm.
Our RIBs in stock come in 250cm, 310cm, 330cm, 360cm, 390cm, 420cm, 440cm and 520cm. ANY other sizes in RIBs are available by special order.

Colours in stock are whites with grey, grey with green or white. Custom colours and combinations are available on order.

Versions are available in PVC or Hypalon but we stock PVC. Most smaller inflatables are made using 0.9 mm PVC material. We specify 1.2mm...30% thicker!...for more durability and longevity. 0.9mm versions are available on request for those with weight conscious requirements.


230-300 cm Inflatable Softshells with Aluminium floors

                                         Model  230    250    270    300
  Length  7.54'    8.2'    8.85'    9.84'
  Width   5.3'    5.3'    5.3'    5.3'
  HP   4    4    5    5
  Max Load   350 kg    400 kg    450 kg    500 kg









230 & 250 Inflatable Boats with Inflatable Floor

                                                     Model 230       250
  Length 7.5'   8.2'
  Width 4.4'   5'
  HP 3.6   5
  Max Load           350kg                   400kg





Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs)


Rigid Inflatable Boat - RIB310
Model: RIB310
Length: 3100 10.1’
Beam: 1620
No. of chamber: 3
Tube Diameter: 420
Max person: 4
Engine power: 10HP
Net weight: 70kg




Rigid Inflatable Boat - RIB330
Model: RIB330
Length: 3300 10.1’
Beam: 175
No. of chamber: 3
Tube Diameter: 420
Max person: 4+1
Engine power: 15HP
Net weight: 74kg

With jockey console and steering




Rigid Inflatable Boat - RIB390
Model: RIB390
Length: 3600 11.7’
Beam: 1620
No. of chamber: 3
Tube Diameter: 420
Max person: 5
Engine power: 40HP
Net weight: 100kg




Rigid Inflatable Boat - RIB420C
Model: RIB420C
Length: 4200
Beam: 2000
No. of chamber: 3
Tube Diameter: 470
Max person: 6
Engine power: 50HP
Net weight: 220kg

With console, bench seat, FRP bar




Rigid Inflatable Boat - RIB520C
Model: RIB520C
Length: 5200 16.9’
Beam: 2280
No. of chamber: 5
Tube Diameter: 520
Max person: 7
Engine power: 85HP
Net weight: 260kg




Rigid Inflatable Boat - RIB580C
Model: RIB580C
Length: 5800 18.85’
Beam: 2360
No. of chamber: 5
Tube Diameter: 480~580
Max person: 8
Engine power: 90HP
Net weight: 460kg

With console, seats, FRP rollbar, 70L fuel tank, anchor tray




Model: D-vib
Length(s): 230, 270, 290, 320, 360, 380 and 420
View Spec Sheet: Click Here

The lightest auxillary inflatable option!



Catamaran SH-7/Seacat

Catamaran SH-7 - Seacat
Model: Catamaran SH-7/Seacat
Length(s): 330 and 360
View Spec Sheet: Click Here

Optimize cockpit



Heavy Duty Fishing Raft SO200

Model: Raft SO200
Dimensions: 200X100X30cm 
Color: light grey 

Fishing inflatable



Special orders available in 470,560,580,620 and 730 cm lengths with choice of colours and semi-custom interiors.



We carry top quality Road Runner Trailers for all your inflatable trailering needs.



Other Accessories

Console CONSOLE LIST.pdf
Steering (mech)  
FRP or aluminum Bar  

Nav Lts


New Honda or Yamaha Outboards available with installation

Trailers available - Trailers and outboards will be quoted